We have worked closely with Fortyfivers MC to create a collection of motorcycle gloves that deliver on retro style and performance.


Our El Jefe Model is made exclusively for the Fortyfivers MC - handcrafted from soft tanned calf skin leather with an unique two tone leather construction.


All Hexan Gloves are made from a soft, oil impregnated leather to deliver comfort and weatherproofing.


Our gloves start out comfortable and get more comfy with every mile!

Fortyfivers MC - El Jefe

Colour: Natural/Black
    • Handcrafted softtouch leather glove
    • Drum tanned weatherproof leather
    • Heat press logos
    • Hand crafted and stitched with waxed thread
    • Weatherproof finish and oiled
    • Unique 'dirty finish' gives each glove an individual identity
    • Packaged in brown bag - no plastic here!
    • All Hexan gloves start comfortable and get more comfy with every mile!